Where are we?
Our company is located in Rui'an City, Zhejiang Province, where the scenery is low. The specific address isJiuli Industry Zoon,Ruian City, Zhejiang Province Jiuli Industrial Zone
My company's main business
My company mainly  From single machine such as, Blowing Machine,Bag Making Machine,Pringting Mahine,Slitting Machine, Rewinding Machine, Laminating Machine etc to whole plant equipment, WeiTai always provides customers with the most comprehensive technology services. 
Are you factory or trading company ?
We are professional manufactures for plastic machine, welcome to our factory for checking machine 
Do you want to produce different specifications?
 Yes, if you want is 600mm type of equipment, then do within  550mm wide can adjust their own. For example: 20CM 40CM 45CM 50CM 55CM,  etc.Can be produced.
How to buy your equipment?
 confirm the purchase of our equipment we will do a formal  contract to my company to you, you will need to buy the above product  name, trademark, model, manufacturers, quantity, amount,Delivery time, installation and commissioning, warranty and so on.
How long is the lead time?
The equipment is generally under normal circumstances, the delivery  date is to receive the deposit we put the row of production within 7-10  days of delivery. It is 15-20 days for busy situations.
What is the payment method?
30% of the total payment of the deposit to make the deposit, the  remaining 70% of the balance of acceptance of a qualifying payment  before delivery.
Do you want to buy your machine to teach us for installations and using ?
Yes, the machine to you there in three days we will send investigators to you to install the debugging and counseling. Time is not limited to teach you so far. These are free and will not
Extra charge for you. Installation, maintenance of parts is broken how to deal with?
The equipment warranty period of one year, parts within a  year is broken, but the quality problems can be sent back to my company  maintenance, can not repair the replacement of the new free, will be the  fastest way to you.